Certified Professional Photographer
Was Photography Room Staff at Anthro New England
Was Photography Director of Pine Fur Con

Hello there! My name is Sven Fennec! I am a Red Fox/Fennec Fox mix. I have been photographing for over 14 years now. The areas of photography I specialize in are event photography, real estate and interior photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, and fursuit photography. My overall interest in photography started at a very young age with always using compact cameras and photographing my pets and friends. It wasn't until 2007 I wanted to make some kind of career out of it and study photography further. Many books and tutorials later, I decided to go for my photography certification at New Hampshire Institute of Art. After completing my certification in photography I continued to work on my craft and start up my own company. Currently I have been working on making my own DIY Studio lighting effects which is the style you all have been seeing with my recent fursuit portraits. Working in the studio and making lighting effects for my portraits is something I have been enjoying in my spare time. I really enjoy getting to work with and meet so many different people from around the world at my studio or the conventions I run a photography room at! I hope you enjoy my gallery and I look forward to seeing you at the studio or any conventions I am at. I appreciate all the support throughout the years!
Love you all, and thanks for reading!
Here is an example of how my DIY lighting effects work in the raw photo. This is how all other designs you see in my studio photos are photographed in my studio.
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