Certified Professional Photographer
Owns a Photography Company
Photography Staff at Anthro New England
Photography Director of Pine Fur Con

My Story

Hello there! My name is Sven Fennec! Screee! I am a Red Fox/Fennec Fox mix. I run a photography business full time. I grew up always playing around with disposable cameras and simple compact cameras.
In 2007 I got my first DSLR camera and started getting more into photography. I was self taught and struggled through trial and error. Many books and tutorials later, I decided to enroll at New Hampshire Institute of Art to refine my photography skills and get much needed constructive criticism. After completing my certification in photography I continued to work on my craft and start up my own company.
I have been a furry pretty much my entire life. I have always had an interest in anthropomorphic animals. My very first fursona was a vampire bat named Allan, that I created when I was 7 years old. By the time I turned 13 or so I moved away from Allan and designed a generic Fennec Fox, giving him the name I currently use, Sven. It wasn't until 2016 that I designed Sven 2.0 the Red Fennec Fox mix you see today. Sven is a representation of me!

Flash forward several years, in 2016 I finally dove in and joined the furry fandom! My journey started at the NH FurBowl at Strikers East Bowling Center on April 22, 2016. I was very excited, but nervous to meet a lot of new people. Being a shy fox, I basically sat in a corner until a friend introduced himself to me. He showed me twitter and telegram, and introduced me to several other furries. Since then, I attended the Furbowl monthly, always hoping to make new friends. Eventually, I signed up to be a part of Furbowl staff and started regularly taking photos for the furbowl every month!

2017 was a bit of a hard year for me, but amazing at the same time. I ended a long-term relationship with someone due to differences in our lifestyles. It was difficult, but definitely for the best. I had a lot of time to self reflect and get to know the new person that I was becoming. I also lost a family member that I was very close to. This was all difficult, but there were many amazing experiences I got to have and many new friends to help me through my struggles. I was not originally aware of the love and support this fandom could bring someone. I am very grateful for the friends I have.  I even attended my first furry convention, Anthro New England! Other conventions I attended this year were Anthrocon, Furpocalypse, and two one day cons, Micro Fur Con in April and then again in September. I did my first photo room at MFC.  

2018 was the year I got to look back on all the amazing friends I made. I became even closer to a few important friends that have been there for me through all my struggles. They helped me find myself. February came around and I started dating one of my best friends! I could not be happier. I was hired as photography staff for Anthro New England, where I ran my photo studio and photographed anyone who stopped in. It was an immensely fun convention, where I met even more amazing people. I was also appointed as photography Director for Pine Fur Con!  Other cons I attended were Anime Boston, Anthrocon, Furpocalypse, and Midwest FurFest. I finally completed my photography studio in the small building in my backyard with the help of my mate. 2018 was an amazing year. I could continue to write pages about all of the fantastic things that I’m happy to have been a part of.

So far in 2019, I ran the Photo studio again at Anthro New England again and I’m sure I have many more adventures that await.
Looking back at everything now, I am immeasurably happy to have every last one of you in my life. You have all helped shape me into the person I am today and it always brings happy tears to my eyes thinking about it.

Love you all, and thanks for reading!
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